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Mizuhiki is very important in Japanese culture and in the daily lives of Japanese people.
adds a special meaning to the Japanese word Musubu. Musubu means 'connection' or 'tying'. Japanese people use Mizuhiki to convey warmth, affection and togetherness.
Mizuhiki's importance in Japanese society can be traced back to the eighth century.

Iida Mizuhiki
, because of its exceptional quality and tradition, is recognized by the Japanese Government as the Number One Mizuhiki in Japan.

What is Mizuhiki?
Mizuhiki is a strong, thin twine made from Washi, which is traditional Japanese paper.
Washi is made from the inner bark of the kozo, gampi, and mitsumata bushes.
The fibers of the inner bark of these bushes are much longer than in barks from
most other trees and bushes. The longer the fiber, the easier the fibers mesh together.
Washi is one of the most durable and strongest papers in the world.

The History of the Mizuhiki

From the seventh century to the present day. And Mizuhiki uses today in Japan and throughout the world.You can look at a sophisticated works 'ART GALLERY' . Iida Mizuhiki has the old history, and it is inherited in the present age.

Mizuhiki On iine Shop (Japanese Version)

You can find the ideal gift for every occasion and learn how to use
Mizuhiki to make your own special gifts or decorations.

How to Use Mizuhiki
How you can learn the craft of Mizuhiki and
make your own gifts and decorations.

Mizuhiki Contacts throughout the World
Where you can buy Mizuhiki , Learn , and
moreaboutthe craft of Mizuhik

The Japanese courtesy and manners that used Mizuhiki
What Mizuhiki means to the people of Japan.
Find out about about the significance of Mizuhiki in today's Japan.

Mizuhiki and The 1998 Winter Olympics and The 1998 Paralympics
The role played by Mizuhiki in Nagano in 1998.

The Aims of the Iida Mizuhiki Association
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